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Paul Dietmann

"Because I do not live on our land and am working when I'm there on weekends, I do not know many of my neighbors, which is one reason I'm excited about being able to join the Uplands Group."

Five Fifth LLC

About the Farm:


Paul Dietmann has a 67-acre crop and livestock farm located in the Otter Creek Watershed. Of his 67-acres, 9 are hay, 10 are pasture, and 48 are managed forest. They rent out the 19 agriculturally productive acres and manage their land to minimize erosion and nutrient runoff. 

Paul's land is enrolled in Farmland Preservation and he also has a 590 Nutrient Management Plan in place. He's developed a forest management plan and a grazing plan for his land. Furthermore, he has spent a lot of time over the past five years clearing invasive species in his woods and pastures (primarily multiflora rose and honeysuckle), and has also built hi-tensile fence to support managed grazing. 

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