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What is Pasture Restoration?

Pasture restoration is a critical practice in maintaining or improving the soil quality and ecology of pasture systems. Livestock over-grazing can prohibit the growth of desired vegetation, deplete the quality and structure of the soil, and leave one's pasture susceptible to unwanted and hard-to-manage weeds and invasives. While pasture renovation is defined as the complete destruction and reestablishment of existing pastures, it can be costly in time, labor, and finances, and present risks if a plan is not followed well. Because of this, most producers take on restorative practices, such as rotational grazing, weed management, and fertilization to improve the health of their pastures. Additionally, soil testing helps producers understand their soil's fertility and organic matter content, as well as working with existing plant diversity present or native to one's land.


How Do Our Farmers Use Them?

Cherrie Nolden and Allen Philo of 1dr Acres: grazing goats to clear brush, manage invasive species, and create silvopasture

December 2020 Virtual Field Event - Tiny Grazers with Big Soil Health Dreams

The Uplands Virtual Conservation Roadtrip:

Stop #2: Butler Family Farms

Stop #3: Seven Seeds Organic Farm

Stop #4: Uplands Cheese Company

Stop #6: Hillside Pastures

Stop #7: Cates' Family Farm

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