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Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

Aldo Leopold

Cates Family Farm

About the Farm

Along the banks of Lowery Creek, reaching through the Jones Valley,

and just down the road from the more known Wyoming Valley - home

of Taliesin - the Cates Family Farm is nestled in a sweet spot of the rolling

hills of Southwest Wisconsin's Driftless Region. Since 1987, Dick and

Kim Cates and their children, Shannon, Eric, and Peter, have operated a

farm that has included up to 900 acres - 700 acres managed-grazing

beef steer and custom dairy heifer business and 200 acres managed

forest. In 1989, they began direct marketing their pasture-raised steers;

presently they provide Cates Family Farm Beef to grocery stores,

restaurants, cafeterias, and households throughout Southwest WI.


As of 2016, Eric and his wife Kiley, and their two children, have taken over the reins and focus on grazing and conservation as their specialty - balancing the Cates Family Farm Grass Fed-Finished Beef business and a custom grazing operation as Cates Family Graziers.


The Cates Family goals include: family well-being, farm profitability, producing affordable, healthy food from livestock that are humanely-raised, and model grasslands management and environmental stewardship practices. 

Visit Cates Family Farm for more information.

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