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Savanna Institute

About the Farm:

The Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with farmers and
scientists to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry adoption in the Midwest US.


Inspired by the native savanna ecosystems that once covered much of this region, the Savanna
Institute conducts research, education, and outreach to support the growth of diverse,
perennial agroecosystems.


The Savanna Institute recently purchased a 195-acre farm in the Lowery Creek Watershed, which is among the
watersheds coordinated by the Uplands Group. The farm has 38 acres in cropland, 50 acres in
pasture and hay, 105 acres in managed forest, and 10 acres in managed wetlands.


Savanna Institute’s headquarters is located at its network of four demonstration farms in Spring Green that create a world class campus for studying agroforestry in practice. The demonstration farm showcases how agroforestry systems can protect local waterways and build markets and value chains for its products. It also demonstrates opportunities for silvopasture within agroforestry systems and offers a venue to research the benefits of silvopasture for livestock and ecosystems. Learn more at their website.

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